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Last Course's New Location!

Saturday, May 18, 2019
In honor of Last Course opening a new location in Lehi (hollaaaaaaa) I wanted to post about everything I have tried there and what I thought!

Let's start with this blueberry lavender ice cream: I LOVE anything lavender flavored and this ice cream was no excuse! It had nice frozen crunchy blueberry things which were sooo good. And the perfect lavender flavor too. 

ALSO, something unexpected that I loved loved loved so much at the Lehi location was that they had REAL spoons for samples instead of plastic! I love to see companies making changes where they can to reduce waste. So, THANK YOU. 

These are the foster's banana tacos! They were interesting! I didn't love the crunch of the taco shell (which is actually like a cinnamon sugar shell) but the flavors were good! I just checked their website and it looks like they are doing this dish as a "foster's banana churros" which I feel like would be INCREDIBLE since you're getting a chewy churro instead of a crunchy taco. 

There were the strawberry nachos! They are chocolate chips with a strawberry jam and whipped cream. I actually loved this! It was a lighter dessert and so perfect. 

I have also tried the rosemary and honey ice cream which was also really, really good! 

I love all their stuff for it's novelty and uniqueness! Comment below what your favorite thing to get from there is and I'll give it a try! 

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