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How To Have The Perfect Snow Day

Monday, February 19, 2018
This shop/post has been compensated by Collective Bias, INC. and The Coca-Cola Company, all opinions are mine alone. #FlavorsForYourMood #CollectiveBias

One of the best things about living in New England, is they cancel school/church/work at the most minimal amount of snow lol. Growing up in Utah, we could get like 2 feet of snow and NOTHING would be canceled. So, it has been fun to have so many snow days and be able to truly enjoy the snow from home! Turns out, Tucker LOVES the snow. We went to the dog park this morning and everyone was making snowballs and throwing them at their dogs hahaha. It was definitely a picturesque moment that I will always remember!

Anyway, here's my opinion on what makes a perfect snow day:

Step 1: Run to your nearest Walgreens and buy allllllll the Diet Coke®! I was excited to try the new  flavors. They are the same original Diet Coke flavor (it hasn't been altered), just with added yummy flavors like Mango, Cherry, etc. They cans also got a facelift which I think is A+. They created all these flavors to match whatever mood you are in (which is good because I go through all moods in a day lol). You can scan your finger to see what flavor matches your mood that day. Click here when on a mobile device and do it! It also gives you a digital coupon for buy one can get one can free! (Perf for a date night/snow day in with your bae.)

I was genuinely excited to participate in this campaign because I used to live in Utah and they have a lot of soda shops where you can get different flavors in your soda (a popular one is coconut and lime in Diet Coke, they call it "dirty Diet Coke"). It's a huge thing out there and there are so many shops that sell only soda and other treats, but it's pretty non-existent out here in Connecticut. I have definitely missed it. We used to go all the time and it was so fun!. So, I was happy to see that now I can get some fun flavors just down the street at Walgreens! My favorite flavor is Diet Coke® Fiesty Cherry (I actually kept drinking them before shooting these pictures so J had to keep going and getting more lol). J's favorite flavor is Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange.

Step 2: Build a sweet blanket fort! I used a bunch of tapestries and thumbtacks, but you can kick it old school with sheets and chairs, too! The last time we built a blanket fort was over New Year's when we were dating and I fell asleep before midnight lol. J took a picture of him toasting himself with me sleeping in the background and sent it to my family lol. It was too funny. 

Step 3: Watch a movie! We have been going through our list of movies we want to watch (there is like literally 100, yikes!). We watched Happy Death Day and Her this past weekend, and are watching 30 Days Of Night as I write this! 

Step 4: Try to enjoy the drinks and movie while your dog child attempts to attack you lol. Nah, in all reality he is pretty good these days. The key is just playing with him for like 10 minutes when he needs to play! Seriously it makes all the difference in the world!

Andddddd, that's it! Enjoy your snow day with your baes! Lemme know what Diet Coke flavor is your favorite if you have tried them!
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